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SrRSA Strontium Isotope Residual Salt Analysis

SrRSA is a routinely used geochemical technique used to evaluate reservoir and basin connectivity.

SrRSA are 87Sr/86Sr isotope ratios measured in residual salt solutions or water extracted from core samples. These data reflect the Sr isotopic composition of the water (either the irreducible water or aquifer formation waters) present within the strata at the time the core was cut and are a means of investigating reservoir or aquifer compartmentalization.

87Sr/86Sr ratio data for a depth series of samples produces a SrRSA profile. This is used to define fill / flow units and to identify sealed barriers. 

Sample spacing is adjusted to reservoir complexity but is normally 3m to 5m. Optimum conditions require conventional core drilled with oil based mud and low invasion coring.

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